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Daily and Weekly Reports
United Nations
Daily news bulletin from the U.N Headquarters in New York.

June Election Offers Asia-Pacific a Chance for Greater Influence in ICC
WHO Releases New Syringe Safety Policy to Prevent Disease
Study Shows Shift in Level of Social Hostility Involving Religion
All-Out War in Libya Predicted without Further Peace Talks
Despite U.N. Treaties, War Against Drugs a Losing Battle
Mobile Technology a Lever for Women’s Empowerment

Daily news bulletin from European regional office in Berlin, also available via e-mail on PDF and Word formats.

Separatist Violence Just One of Ukraine’s Problems
Turkey’s Accession To European Union – A Long and Bumpy Road
Immigrants Face Indefinite Detention in Greece
Where Will The New Europe Go?
Poetry, Politics and the French Far Right
Burundi Headed for Election Turmoil as Ruling Party Allegedly Arms Youth Wing

Fortnightly news bulletin from IPS-Africa regional Center in Johannesburgh, South Africa.

Opinion: Manipulate and Mislead – How GMOs are Infiltrating Africa
Bamboo – An Answer to Deforestation or Not in Africa?
A New Forensic Weapon to Track Illegal Ivory Trade
At the Margins of a Hot War, Somalis Are ‘Hanging on by a Thread’
The Hidden Billions Behind Economic Inequality in Africa
Everything You Wanted to Know About Climate Change


ISIL Accused Of War Crimes, Genocide In Iraq
Ethiopian Schools Programme Receives $1 Million Funding Boost
China, India, to Train Asia-Pacific Officials On Disaster Risk Management
Superstar Kidjo Wins Grammy for Collaborative Album Showcasing Songs of African Women
As Wars Heat Up, Rickety Flotillas Carry Asylum-Seekers to Their Graves
Médecins Sans Frontières Calls For Evacuation Of Syrian Casualties

TerraViva Semanario

Más mujeres en el poder, más beneficios para todas y todos
Tabacaleros cubanos dudosos sobre apertura con Estados Unidos
Pescadores en Gaza arriesgan sus vidas para trabajar
Una herramienta forense contra el tráfico de marfil
DDHH retroceden en Asia-Pacífico, según Amnistía Internacional
Hay algo más que oxígeno en el aire de Nueva Delhi
Abu Dhabi - January 2013
Rome, Italy - June 2013
SADC Summit of Heads of State and Government
Lilongwe, Malawi - Aug 2013
Stockholm, Sweden - September 2013
ICASA Conference on AIDS and STIs
Cape Town, South Africa - Dec. 2013

RIO + 20
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - June 2012
Rio+20 – Amplifying the voices of WCA young farmers
July 2012
IMF-WB Annual Meetings 2012
Tokyo, Japan - October 2012

World Social Forum
Dakar, Senegal - February 2011
World Water Day
Cape Town, South Africa - March 2011
COP17/CMP7 Climate Change
Durban, South Africa - November 2011
HLF4 Aid Effectiveness
Busan, Korea - November 2011
Amplifying the voices of WCA young farmers
South-South Executive Brief

COP16 Climate Change
Cancun, Mexico - December 2010
Resolution 1325
New York, U.S.A. - November 2010
UNICEF: Parliamentary Workshop on Children and AIDS
Windhoek, Namibia - October 2010
SADC: Regional Water Dialogue
Maun, Botswana - October 2010
MDG Summit +10
New York, U.S.A. - September 2010
FANRPAN: Regional Food Security Dialogue
Windhoek, Namibia - August 2010
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